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Allergy Testing in Ankeny

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Our experts at Allergy Institute P.C. provide a multitude of immunotherapy treatments, allergy treatments, and tests for your condition.

When you come into our office we will go through your detailed medical and family history, as this can often shed light on what allergies you could be dealing with. We will also perform a thorough physical examination and determine whether a skin or blood allergy testing is most appropriate.

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Why Consider Allergy Testing in Ankeny?

Allergy testing pinpoints the source or sources of your allergic response. Allergy testing helps you understand what substances trigger your symptoms and provide you with personalized treatment for your allergies.

Allergy Institute P.C. offers FDA-approved allergy testing services, including:

  • Skin Test – this involves pricking your skin and dabbing it on the suspected allergen. We perform this test on the back of your arm, forearm or on your back. Patients can expect little to no pain during treatment. We may also inject a small amount of the suspected allergen into the skin of your arm or back as another way to test. Both the skin-prick and skin-injection testing look for signs of several different allergens at one time. Allergy Institute P.C. also offers patch testing, which is commonly used to test for delayed allergic reactions. The patch is usually applied for 48 hours, allowing an extended period of time for the suspected allergen to produce a reaction. The patch may result in an itching sensation. However, if the itching becomes too severe to tolerate be sure to contact the professionals at Allergy Institute P.C. right away
  • Blood Test – If you suffer from a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, you might need a blood test. We may also administer a blood test to detect or trigger a powerful allergen that might cause a significant reaction.

Top Benefits of Professional Allergy Testing

The benefits of allergy testing in Des Moines include the following:

  1. Identifying specific allergens: Allergy testing can identify specific allergens that cause allergic reactions. This information is essential in creating an effective allergy management plan, including avoidance measures and treatment options.

  2. Avoidance of allergens: Knowing which allergens trigger an allergic reaction allows individuals to take steps to avoid exposure to these substances. For example, if an individual is allergic to peanuts, they can avoid eating foods that contain peanuts or carry an epinephrine auto-injector in case of accidental exposure.

  3. Improved quality of life: Allergy testing can help individuals manage their allergies and reduce the severity and frequency of their symptoms. This can lead to an improved quality of life and allow individuals to participate in activities that were previously restricted.

  4. Personalized treatment options: Allergy testing results can guide healthcare providers in determining the most effective treatment options for an individual. This may include medications, immunotherapy, or other interventions.

  5. Identification of cross-reactivity: Allergy testing can also identify cross-reactivity between different allergens. For example, individuals allergic to latex may also be allergic to certain fruits and vegetables due to cross-reactivity with proteins.

Overall, allergy testing provides valuable information for individuals and healthcare providers, allowing for more personalized allergy management and improved quality of life.

Is Allergy Testing Right for You?

If you’ve been experiencing allergy symptoms, then it’s worth it to get to know what’s causing your symptoms and how to treat the problem.

By knowing what you are allergic to, our allergists and you can devise a customized treatment plan that includes lifestyle modifications that can reduce exposure and lessen the number of flare-ups you experience throughout the year.

Remember, allergies can be complex and your symptoms may not be caused by the substances you originally thought. Allergy testing can shed light on what’s going on and how to best tackle your allergy symptoms.

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