Helping You Diagnose and Manage Your Asthma

Do you suffer from asthma? Dr. Alkhatib is an expert in difficult-to-treat asthma.

Different Types of Asthma

Asthma is a condition that makes breathing more difficult. This is due to swollen airways or mucus blocking the airways, so they are too narrow for proper airflow. When you try to breathe, you may also experience coughing or wheezing. Some people experience mild cases of asthma while others have severe symptoms, and it can affect people of all ages.

There are several factors that cause asthma. It can be induced by exercise or too much activity, especially if the weather is cold and dry. Another type of asthma is caused by environmental factors that you breathe in, like chemicals or dust from certain occupations. Allergens like pollen or pet dander trigger the most common form of asthma.

Asthma Symptoms

Asthma symptoms include:

  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness or pain

Seek help from your West Des Moines, IA, asthma treatment doctor immediately if your symptoms are not improving with medications, and call 911 if you are struggling to breathe.

Asthma Treatment

While there is no cure for asthma, your doctor can help you ease and manage your symptoms. The first step is to diagnose your asthma and determine its cause. Your doctor will start by asking about your medical history to see if you have any risk factors. You might need a lung function test which measures how much air you inhale and how quickly you can exhale. An allergy test might be necessary to determine what factors trigger your asthma.

To manage your symptoms, your doctor will prescribe long-term asthma control medications. You will likely need a fast-acting inhaler for emergencies as well. You should also avoid your asthma triggers to prevent an asthma attack.

Dr. Alkhatib can help diagnose and treat your asthma. To schedule an appointment with your West Des Moines, IA, asthma treatment specialist, call (515) 619-5179